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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Consultant

  • 10 months - Starting Date: 01/09/2022
  • Netherlands
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Launch your digital marketing career

As Digital Marketing Consultant your work is all about bringing customers to our clients' websites. But you’re a marketing professional in the making, so we don’t have to tell you that. What we can tell you, is that we can accelerate your current knowledge to a higher level. How? Through this traineeship of course. We’ll guide you to become a true digital marketing expert.

1 Getting familiar

Getting familiar

During this traineeship we might throw you in at the deep end, but don’t worry: we’ll arrange life jackets in the form of training sessions and workshops covering all digital marketing and consultancy topics. In addition, we speed up your development through intensive one-on-one mentoring. And of course you’ll be part of our specialist teams from day one!

2 Hard skills

Hard skills

During this 10 months traineeship you’ll collect all the knowledge that you need to become a Digital Marketing Consultant. That means discovering Google Analytics — because working with data is our lifeline — and of course learning to work with the different channels (e.g. TikTok, Instagram, Google) that we use. You will deep dive into two channels to become a specialist in these.

3 Soft skills

Soft skills

Don’t think we’ve forgotten about soft skills. They’re just as important as hard skills! That’s why you’ll get plenty of guidance on developing those too. At the end of this traineeship you’ll be a star at (international) communication, collaboration, giving and receiving feedback, presenting yourself and more.

4 Fun


Work is one side of our lives. Fun is the other. That’s why we offer more than enough opportunities to relax, laugh, and let go of the hustle and bustle of work. Blow off some steam and connect with the other trainees during monthly get-togethers. Have a drink, sing some karaoke, eat a bitterbal. And since you’re part of DEPT®, of course you’re invited to our other events, activities and parties as well!


  • You have a passion for digital marketing

    You don't want to be just a digital marketing trainee. You want to become one of the experts in the field! For that, you need to be digitally-minded and up-to-date with the latest trends.

  • You are a real team-player

    But really! To be able to deliver the best results for our clients, we need to work as a team. So if you love to work with a variety of people, across different teams, sign up!

  • You love to crunch data

    Data provides you with the right insights for what we need to do for our clients and how we can improve day by day. Do you like to use data and work from there? Then this traineeship is perfect for you!


Competitive compensation package

Of course you won’t work for free. You’ll receive a competitive compensation package, with great fringe benefits as well. That includes a laptop, phone, NS-Business Card, everything you need to work from home and more.

Warm creative culture built around trust

Starting a traineeship at DEPT® means becoming part of a warm, welcoming and energetic group of creative minds from all across the globe. You’ll find yourself in an open environment that is built around creative freedom, autonomy and trust.

Personal development support

Through masterclass programs we’ll train you in both hard and soft skills, so that you can really thrive in the workplace. We’ll also help you set personal goals, provide you with whatever’s needed to reach them and evaluate them on a regular basis.

Experience-based learning

We believe that you learn by doing. That’s why this traineeship won’t just stick to theory — you’ll get to work in the field with a variety of clients. Of course we are always there to support you with training sessions, workshops and guidance.

Ask away!

1. What does the hiring process look like?

It often consists of a first phone call, an interview and you presenting a case. Take a look at our specific traineeship pages for a more in-depth overview of the process.

2. Will I do the traineeship by myself or with other trainees?

You’ll kick off your traineeship with many other trainees across all the different business teams within Dept. You will start on the same day, walk through the Masterclass Program and see each other regularly in meetings and during activities.

3. How will I be supported and guided during my traineeship?

Your go-to people are your buddy and your lead. You buddy will be your day to day support, while your lead focuses on your development, goalsetting and evaluates how you are doing. Besides that, you can count on the support of your colleagues and our People & Culture department.

4. What kind of training will I receive?

Together with your fellow trainees you’ll walk through a fixed Masterclass Program. This program consists of getting to know DEPT®, inspirational talks and personal career stories of our own Depsters. We will train you on all the soft skills that you need to get ready for you next professional career step! And of course we will also train you on all the skills that you need to become an expert in your chosen working field. Check out the specifice page of your traineeship for more information on training!

5. What kind of activities do you organise for the trainees?

At DEPT® we believe that work should be fun. That’s why you’re invited to join all the activities we organise for all of our Depsters: from beach parties to karaoke nights, cooking shows and our DEPT® Festival. To connect more with fellow trainees, we’ll also organise activities especially for you: from drinks to pizza nights and lunches.

6. How long does a traineeship last?

The length of a traineeship depends on the craft that you choose, though it usually ranges from 7 to 10 months. Take a look at the specific traineeship pages for more information.

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